Insane drawing prompts.

Randomly generated.
Completely free.

MADPROMPTS is a web app that let's you generate creative, random prompts for drawing.

Have you ever asked people what to draw and are tired of drawing them, their pets or anime characters you've either never even heard of or can't hear any more about?

How about a dual-wielding burger witch?

You could also use MADPROMPTS to create the next villian for your story or a unique setting for your upcoming game project!

Whatever you use it for (I won't judge), it's fast, easy, and free.

Like, advertisement-free free.

The artworks showcased inside the web app are made by independent artists and commissioned specifically for use on this site.

Do you like their work?


You can find a link to the artists' social media at the bottom of the screen inside the app. Show them your support!

And please consider a commission or buying artworks.
It helps them continue to do what they love.

The app was built using Vue.js 💚
The mobile- and tablet-versions of the homepage use Glide.js 💜

This web application is maintained by

Luca La Furia
Wehrstr. 95
46047 Oberhausen